• Here is What Sunrise Pool Will Do

    checkmark.png Spruce Up Surrounding Area Near Pool
    checkmark.png Clean The Mess Off Pool Cover
    checkmark.png Remove The Winter Pool Cover
    checkmark.png Clean The Winter Cover For Storage
    checkmark.png Remove Plugs
    checkmark.png Check Filter and Pump
    checkmark.png Check Underwater Light Fixture
    checkmark.png Check For Cracks In the Pool
    checkmark.png Reinstall Equipment

    Spruce Up the Surrounding Area
    Sunrise Pool will clean up plant debris from the pool deck, patio, nearby planting beds – virtually anything that has the potential for producing debris in your pool.

    Clean The Mess Off Pool Cover
    Sunrise Pool will siphen any water from the cover before removing.

    Remove the Winter Pool Cover
    Sunrise Pool will remove the cover from the pool in a professional manner.

    Cleaning The Winter Cover For Storage
    After removing the cover Sunrise Pool will take the winter cover to a driveway or other hardscaped area, preferably on a slant or slope for easier drainage. Thoroughly sweep and hose off the cover, and use cleaner or treatment if it’s recommended by the manufacturer of the cover. Allow to dry completely before storing. Tightly roll or fan-fold the cover and wrap with rope or use strapping to keep it tight. Store the pool cover indoors or in a garage - away from insects, rodents and moisture.

    Remove Plugs, Etc
    Sunrise Pool will remove expansion or freeze plugs from the surface skimmers and wall returns, and restore directional fittings. Empty water from the water tubes (if your pool has them).

    Check the Filter and Pump
    Sunrise Pool will inspect the filter and pump for possible damaged or worn parts and buy a replacement.

    Lighting Fixtures
    If applicable we will reconnect and install your internal lighting.

    Check for Cracks
    Fiberglass or concrete pools should be examined for cracks in the pool and on tile. We will look for chips in the plaster and indentations on the deck and coping. We will give you an estimate on repairs.

    Reinstall Eqipment
    Sunrise Pool will reinstall safety rails, slides, ladders, diving boards or the newer and safer jump boards.