Pool Closings

Here is What Sunrise Pool Will Do

  • Clean Water
  • Water Treatment
  • Lower Water Level
  • Piping Valves
  • Accessories and Equipment
  • Lighting Removal
  • Pump
  • Motor
  • Timer and Circuit Breaker
  • Filters
  • Cover
  • Pool
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Clean Water
Sunrise Pool will thoroughly vacuum your pool or spa and vacuum waste water to the appropriate location. If your pool filter doesn't have a "waste" indicator, vacuum on the "filter" position only. When applicable, we will use a portable pump to vacuum directly to waste.

Water Treatment
Sunrise Pool will balance the water's pH, calcium hardness and total alkalinity. Chemically treat the water with a sanitizer, stabilizer and algaecide or treat with the recommended amount of winterizing chemicals. Why do you need winterizing treatment? So that the water doesn't become corrosive when the temperature drops to the freezing point or below. Winterizing chemicals will be added either before draining or prior to placing the pool cover.

Lower Water Level
After closing the valve on the skimmer line, Sunrise Pool will lower the water to the appropriate level.

Sunrise Pool will drain the water and blow water out of all piping and add anti-freeze to all water lines.

We will thoroughly drain valves, making sure that any valves below water level are sealed securely.

Accessories and Equipment
We will remove and clean all handrails, ladders and diving boards.

Lighting Removal
To prevent damage of lighting we will remove any interior lighting in the pool.

We will drain the pump by removing the plugs.

We will disconnect the motor from the electric and recommend storing it indoors.

Timer and Circuit Breaker 
If you have one, we will remove the timer lugs and set to “off.” We will also turn off the circuit breaker or remove the fuses from the pool circuit.

We will properly winterize your filter including removing the drain plug and open drain cocks along with the air relief on top of the filter. Position the multi-port valve to "winter." The air-relief valve should be left open. For other types of filters - like cartridge or DE units - check the manufacturer's instructions. After winterizing the lines and pump, all filters should be completely drained. Drain plugs should be left out, but apply a strong lubricant to the threads to prevent rusting or corrosion.

Cover Pool
Lastly we will put cover on the pool.